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AAP Medianet - 9 February 2017

1116 SEN's The AFLW Hour of Power; Jo Hall's Great Australian

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AAP Medianet - 2 February 2017

Nine announces new sports show; VicHealth launches campaign featuring female athletes

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Monash Vice Chancellor condemns Trump's order banning entry to Muslim migrants

Monash University VC Professor Margaret Gardner says the US President's action "threatens to impede our ability to support the diversity we champion".

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AAP Medianet - 25 January 2017

The New York Times is coming to Australia.    

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Trump: Lies, damn lies and "alternative facts"

Donald Trump has launched his presidency with a declaration of war on the media and further brazen assaults on truth.

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AAP Medianet - 19 January 2017

First edition for 2017. Joe Hildebrand is appointed editor-at-large of

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Trump's insults of journalists must be taken seriously

Alexandra Ellerbeck analyses the threats to journalism and press freedom posed by the incoming Trump administration.

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Legendary WW2 correspondent dies at 105

Clare Hollingworth – the legendary British war correspondent who broke the news of the German invasion of Poland in 1939 – has died in Hong Kong at the age of 105.

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Rinehart loses costs case against Adele Ferguson

A company owned by Gina Rinehart will have to pay Adele Ferguson's legal costs after the failed attempt to force her to reveal her sources for a book about the family.  

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Publisher and journalist found in contempt of court

Yahoo!7 and journalist Krystal Johnson found to have published prejudicial information that caused a murder trial to be aborted.

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