2018 Quills: Breaking News Coverage

The Herald Sun/Sunday Herald Sun Team won the 2018 Breaking News Coverage Quill for their coverage of the Bourke Street attack.

Judges' citation

The Herald Sun news team dissected the Bourke Street terror attack of 9 November 2018 in real time with consistently fresh angles and exclusive elements that kept pace with or ahead of the police investigation. They were the first to reveal the identity of attacker Hassan Khalif Shite Ail, who was shot dead by police.

The winning entry

'Bourke St horror: Incredible footage shows moments before man shot following terror attack', Herald Sun, 10 November 2018

'Bourke St terrorist Hassan Khalif Shire Ali split with wife before plotting mass murder', Herald Sun, 11 November 2018

'Woman tried to save Melbourne restaurant icon Sisto Malaspina after terror attack', Herald Sun, 11 November 2018

Please note: the above links may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

Highly Commended

Katherine Firkin of Network Ten for coverage of the Bourke Street attack

Other finalists

3AW Drive Team for coverage of the Bourke Street Terror Attack

Neary Ty, Nine Network, for coverage of terrorism-related raids across Melbourne

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