2018 Quills: TV/Video Feature (Short Form)

Tineka Everaardt of Nine Network's A Current Affair won the 2018 TV/Video Feature (Short Form) Quill for 'Inside Court'.

Judges' citation

The result of almost two year's persistence to gain access to the notoriously closed County Court system, Tineka's “A Current Affair” report was the first time television cameras were allowed to film all parties involved in proceedings, including the prosecution, defence, accused and judges, after convincing them to appear on camera. It gave a real insight into the inner workings and dilemmas facing the legal system, for an audience that often sees the courts as out of touch and inflexible.

The winning entry

'Inside Court', Nine Network's A Current Affair, 26 September 2018

Other finalists

Alexis Daish of Nine Network's A Current Affair for 'Mum’s Plea'

Luke Waters of SBS World News for 'This Still Happens'

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