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2019 Quills: Business Feature

Amy Bainbridge, Loretta Florance & Lucy Kent of ABC 7.30 won the 2019 Business Feature Quill for 'Bankruptcy Hunters'.

Judges' citation

In Bankruptcy Hunters, Amy Bainbridge and her colleagues showed consummate skill in handling a sensitive and complex issue in consumer finance, detailing the harm that arbitrary thresholds had on hundreds of unsuspecting individuals. The piece was informative, well-structured and nuanced.

In a media landscape dominated by banking and financial scandals, this fascinating feature stood out by exposing an issue that had profound ramifications for those involved.

The winning entry

'Debt collectors pushing people into bankruptcy', ABC 7.30, 13 August 2019

'Debt collectors are bankrupting Australians over small credit card debts', ABC 7.30, 13 August 2019

'Australian banks change rules around selling debt to collectors', ABC News, 19 November 2019

Highly Commendd

Sarah Danckert, The Age, Treasury Wines Under Fire

Other finalists

Sarah Danckert, The Age, Lendlease Battles Engineering Woes

Konrad Marshall, Good Weekend Magazine, Tough Call



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