2021 Quills: Keith Dunstan Quill for Commentary

Martin McKenzie-Murray of the The Monthly has won the 2021 Keith Dunstan Quill for Commentary.

Judges' citation

In an elegant, beautifully written piece titled 'The shock jock is finally brought down by lacklustre ratings', Martin McKenzie-Murray brings the once powerful radio personality Alan Jones to account. First, he juxtaposes Jones’ own words with his actions and ambitious lack of accountability. Then in chilling detail he draws one parallel after another between Jones and his hero, corrupt NSW detective and murderer, Roger Rogerson. He brings original perspective to existing knowledge, marshalling facts to mount a cogent and persuasive argument to an undeniable conclusion. In all three submissions, he displays an ability to get to the heart of the issue with true analytical commentary. He draws facts and diverse opinions together and brings them to a strong, even chilling finish. The result is an argument superbly articulated, deeply insightful and thoroughly engaging.

The winning entry

Celebrity misinformation, The Monthly, 19 February 2021

Good riddance, Alan Jones, The Monthly, 5 November 2021

At the end of our rope, The Monthly, 19 November 2021

Highly commended

'Liam Mannix, The Age, 'Examine'

Other finalists

Waleed Aly, The Age, 'It makes no sense to ask

Julie Szego, The Age, 'The states’ race to freedom is over'


Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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