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AAP Medianet - 16 May 2019

Media Movements - Federal Election Coverage Special

May 16, 2019

Welcome to this week's special AAP Medianet, featuring key Federal Election coverage and photo highlights, notable career moves changes in the media industry and upcoming events. To keep up with movements as they happen, follow @aapmedianet.

This Week's Media Movements

Brendan Smith has moved from his position as a reporter at Sky News Australia to the role of Brisbane bureau chief. Before working at Sky, Brendan worked as a reporter at Nine in Adelaide, a reporter at NBN Television in Coffs Harbour and a reporter at Network 10 in Brisbane. 
Kelly Fuller is on secondment from her position as host of the ABC New England Breakfast show and is working as a reporter at ABC Illawarra. She has previously worked as a state political reporter at NSW parliament for the ABC and as a reporter for 2GB and 2TM Tamworth.
Claire Isaac will be acting editor at OK! Australia when Shari Nementzik goes on maternity leave this month. Claire has worked as a contributing editor at Network 10 since April 2018 and before that, she was executive editor and deputy editor at Woman’s Day for seven years. has appointed Edwina Carr Barraclough as news editor. Edwina has most recently been freelancing for beauty and lifestyle publishers and before that, was a social media and content strategist and editor of The Glow for Mamamia Women’s Network.
Philippe Perez is now a journalist at The Euroa Gazette, after spending almost two years at CAAMA Radio in Alice Springs. Philippe has also worked as a journalist and editor at The AU Review and as a producer at SBS.
After 14 years as a radio and television presenter and content director at WIN Corporation, Lachlan Kitchen has left to join Dubai 92 where he is co-hosting the Breakfast program. Prior to joining WIN, Lachlan worked as a producer at 2GB and as a radio programming consultant in Sri Lanka.

Media Movements - Federal Election Coverage

This Saturday 18th May, all the major free-to-air television channels will be covering the election. Here is a list of the anchors and commentators on each channel:

Seven - Decision Night in Australia 2019: Anchored by Mark Riley and Michael Usher, with a panel including Chris Bowen, broadcaster Alan Jones, Jeff Kennett, Michaelia Cash and Craig Laundy.

Nine - Election 2019: Australia Decides: Anchored by Peter Overton and Deborah Knight with a panel including Julie Bishop, Tanya Plibersek, Anthony Albanese and Chris Uhlmann.

ABC - Australia Votes: Election Night Live: Anchored by Leigh Sales, Annabel Crabb and featuring Antony Green, Laura Tingle, Andrew Probyn, Barrie Cassidy and Michael Rowland.

Network 10 - Your Vote: Anchored by Sandra Sully, Hamish Macdonald and Chris Bath, featuring Waleed Aly, Peter van Onselen, Christopher Pyne, Kristina Keneally, Sam Dastyari, Trent Zimmerman, Hugh Riminton, pollster James Stewart, and Natarsha Belling.

SBS - SBS World News: Federal Election: Janice Petersen and Brett Mason.


 AAP Photos - Federal Election Campaign Coverage 


Media Spotlight

Hugh Riminton, National Affairs Editor at Network 10

Hugh Riminton is the national affairs editor at Network 10 and a presenter at Radio National. He has been a foreign correspondent and presenter for CNN and Channel 9, and a political editor and newsreader for Channel 10. He is also on the board of the veterans' welfare charity Soldier On and the refugee education fund The John Mac Foundation, and is on the advisory board of Media Diversity Australia. His Twitter handle is @hughriminton

You'll be part of Network 10's election coverage on Saturday night - what's your favourite part of election night?
My favourite part of election night is – nerd alert – the numbers. Elections do two things: they determine who is going to form the government and reveal and confirm shifts taking place in society. It will be interesting to see the different dramas - Will Dutton, Joyce and Abbott survive? Will it be a season of independents, with people like Helen Haines, Kevin Mack and Rob Oakeshott forming up on the cross-benches. Or will independents like Kerryn Phelps and Zali Steggall fall short? We won’t know on the night, but the make-up of the new Senate will be interesting.

How has this campaign differed from previous campaigns you've covered?
In many ways. For one thing, the opposition has come with a lot of policies and the Morrison government has had virtually none. The two rival leaders are more than usually dull. Someone said to me in one marginal electorate “the heroes have all gone” – and it is true, there are no gigantic figures, no powerful orators or reformers, or even articulate conservatives. Cartoon figures – like Palmer and Pauline - now fill that space.

How has journalism influenced politics over the years?
Probably less now than ever. The digital age has reduced the influence of traditional centralizing forces like journalism. The mass shouting of voices can be deafening at times but this is the environment that exists, and it will never return to the days when half a dozen journalists – Oakes, Grattan, Kelly, O’Brien, perhaps a couple of others – would effectively skewer dumb ideas and the voting audience would pick up on that.

Journalism still matters – and good, smart journalism will be honoured more than ever in the years ahead as people realise what an asset it is. But traditional journalists are still just voices in the wind compared with 20 years ago.

Which current political journalists would you consider as having the most influence on political journalism at the moment?  
I always listen in to Phil Coorey (AFR) and Laura Tingle (7.30). And I am loving working with Peter van Onselen at TEN (You can follow our politics podcast “The Professor and The Hack” – and yes, I’m the Hack). PVO is a rare thing – capable of writing serious political biographies, doing dense academic work on political science, and yet he has mastered the quirky disciplines of television. His judgement is always spot on. And he’s a very nice man.

What should political press releases include and what shouldn't they?  
The ones I look for are media alerts and timely transcripts. The rest of the time, I’d prefer a call if it’s really important.  

Upcoming Media Events

ELECTION19 EARLY VOTENational Families Week
Wednesday 15th to Tuesday 21st May, Australia-wide
This year’s theme ‘Stronger Families, Stronger Communities’ is being celebrated at schools, community centres and parks with morning teas, book events, movie screenings and more.

Sydney Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo
Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May, Sydney
A range of products and services for everything pregnancy and baby related, featuring new product launches, information sessions and family entertainment.

Australian Federal Election (above)
Saturday 18th May, Australia-wide
Democracy sausages will be served at most polling booths on a day that Australia votes in a too-close-to-call Federal Election.

Paniyiri Greek Festival
Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th May, Brisbane
Queensland’s signature celebration of all things Greek features food, music, stalls and Greek dancing complete with Zorba-inspired high kicks.

Great Ocean Road Running Festival
Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th May, Victoria
A weekend-long celebration of running, music and wellness hosted in the towns of Lorne and Apollo Bay. Events include races for all abilities, from the 1.5km Kids Gallop to the 60km Ultra Marathon.

RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk (left)
Sunday 19th May, Australia-wide
Thousands of people and their pooches will walk together to show their support for the animals of Australia and raise funds for the RSPCA.


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