AAP Medianet - 28 November 2019

28 November 2019

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We say farewell to Michael Osborne, editor of AAP

Michael Osborne is the editor of Australian Associated Press (AAP), a role he has held since 2008. On Saturday, 30th November, Mike will retire after 35 years with the company. 

Having joined the company at just 21 years of age, Osborne is grateful for the colleagues who have been more like family, and for the experiences that AAP has provided to help make for a great work environment.

We caught up with Mike to find out what his most memorable experiences have been over his 35 years of service.

“In 1991, I went to South Africa, just as Nelson Mandela had been released from prison, travelling with the foreign minister at the time, Gareth Evans. He was the first foreign minister to visit South Africa in four years because there had been the Apartheid Gleneagles Agreement where we didn’t have any relationship with South Africa.

Once Mandela was freed, the relationship reopened. I went to cover that and met Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu and President de Klerk. Travelling around and seeing what South Africa was like was probably the most amazing 10 days for a young journalist to put everything into perspective.

I’ll miss the daily buzz of the news - one of the great things about journalism is that no two days are ever the same. There's always a new story, a new issue to deal with, always a new problem in our current climate. But what I will miss most is obviously the people because I’ve got so many good friends here.”

Farewell Mike and safe travels! We’ll miss you too!

This Week's Media Movements


Clive James has died aged 80
The internationally renowned writer, TV broadcaster and critic from Kogarah passed away on Sunday, 24th November in England. Clive was known for his witty newspaper columns, broadcasting skills and poetry.

The Feed switches to SBS
The current affairs and news magazine, hosted by Marc Fennell, will be promoted from the Viceland channel to SBS. The change will commence in 2020.

The Seven Network program, The Latest, will take a two-month hiatus
The final bulletin, hosted by Michael Usher, will be broadcasted on Thursday, 5th December and return next year on Monday, 3rd February. 

Greg Byrnes returns to radio
Nine Entertainment’s new managing director of radio, Tom Malone, has hired Greg as head of content for Macquarie Media. He will be responsible for all on-air content across Nine’s radio division. 

Allen Brandt has passed away at the weekend
Allen was a tour de force in the Australian radio industry, heading the Colour Radio Network and 4IP and passed away just shy of his 100th birthday.

Abi Moustafa has started her new role at 7 News Sydney
Abi is now the front page editor of Seven’s news website and joins from WHO magazine where she was an associate editor.

Jack Nyhof will start as a casual producer at Sunrise
Jack will be with the top-rated breakfast show for two months over the summer as he begins his first role in the industry.

Jake Millar will replace Mike Christensen as acting editor of GQ
Jake is currently the deputy editor of GQ Australia and will step into his new role in mid-December, following Mike’s decision to return to the UK with his family at the end of the year. 

Macquarie Media’s head of content, Mark Noakes, has been made redundant
Nine has announced Noakes’s departure as part of their restructuring since taking a 90 per cent stake in the business in early October.

Seven wields the axe again on a raft of popular lifestyle and current affair shows
The Seven Network has cancelled Sydney Weekender after 25 years on air, and SA Weekender, The Great Weekend, Qld Weekender, The Great Day Out, and Creek to Coast all face a similar fate along with the West-coast editions of Today Tonight in Perth and Adelaide.

SBS and Screen Australia have announced a new initiative, Digital Originals
With the aim of selecting ten short-form projects for development on SBS On Demand from writers whose backgrounds are underrepresented in the Australian screen sector.

Founder of ACE Radio Geoff Handbury has passed away
Geoff died peacefully on Tuesday, 26th November, aged 94. While leading the network, he established 13 stations and one newspaper.

Robbie Williams will return for the smoothfm Christmas line up
Robbie will be the host of Saturday nights, from Saturday, 30th November until Saturday, 21st December and will also be on the air from 10am-2pm on Christmas Day. 

Stan entices viewers with a summer of original content
The four new series premiering from mid-December to the end of January include The Other Guy (Friday, 13th December), The Commons (Wednesday, 25th December), The Gloaming (Wednesday, 1st January), and True History of the Kelly Gang (Sunday, 26th January).

Lowanna Grant will front NITV's The World Game
The popular SBS show will be reinvented with an Indigenous focus and premiere on 3rd December.

Tennis Australia has announced a new podcast called ‘Backstory’
The podcast features multiple interviewees of tennis alumni, focusing on untold stories to divulge what went on behind the scenes of major headlines.

ABC’s Osman Faruqi >and Ruby Jones join Schwartz Media’s ‘7am’ podcast
Commencing these roles in 2020, Osman will be the podcast’s editor while Ruby will host, replacing Elizabeth Kulas.

The Grace Tales magazine has released its first print edition
The magazine will continue to publish a hard copy version twice a year alongside the daily content posted on its digital website.

Editor's Pick: Press Release of the Week

ARENA gets cracking on commercial scale hydrogen


The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) have announced a funding drive of up to $70 million to help fast track the development of renewable hydrogen in Australia. Hydrogen, or carriers like ammonia, are potential options for Australia to export as renewable energy. Electrical energy can be readily converted into hydrogen via electrolysis, which separates hydrogen from oxygen in water, and when produced using renewable electricity is completely emissions free.

Read full story

Media Spotlight

Jess Hill, Author & Journalist

Jess Hill is a two-time Walkley award-winning journalist who is currently nominated for her third in the ‘Book Award Longlist’ category. She has spent the last couple of years devoting her work towards her recently published book ‘SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO’. The book investigates and dissects the complex issue of domestic violence, putting perpetrators and the system that enables them in the spotlight. Jess has been an investigative journalist, Middle East correspondent, US election correspondent, producer and editor. In 2013, she was one of Cosmopolitan’s 30 most influential women under 30 and was also listed as one of the top 100 women to follow on Twitter by Foreign Policy. She Tweets at @jessradio. 

What has motivated you to be such a strong spokesperson for domestic abuse?

I don’t have a history of domestic abuse, but like anyone in Australia, I know people who have been affected by it. The reason why I became a journalist is to reveal concealed truths, and this topic is one of the biggest concealed truths in Australia. When I first started looking into it, I couldn't believe how naive I’d been and how little I understood about it.
Just looking at female victims alone, over 2 million women in Australia are affected by this. And, we can’t go on with so many people experiencing something that we as a nation don’t fundamentally understand. It felt like someone really needed to communicate this and in a way that the public could understand. Another side to this, which is incredibly interesting, is the human behaviour attached to this subject. Domestic abuse is jam-packed with themes such as intimacy, power, guilt, insecurities and so much more.

As an investigative journalist, especially in your current line of work, how do you get your sources to open up completely?
I always lay out the parameters of what we’re doing. When they’re telling me a personal story, I’ll tell them that we’re having a conversation that they’re free to steer in any direction they want. Of course, I’ll ask them questions, but I essentially want to hear it from them and what’s important to them. I’ll always remind them that this story is theirs and it doesn't belong to me. I'll always send them a draft of what I’ve written and work with them to make sure it’s being told correctly with context and no sensationalising of any details.
Unless it’s a positive experience for the survivor, I don’t want to do it. And positive in the sense that it may be difficult and it might trigger trauma, but they have control over the whole situation.
What’s next for Jess Hill?

Well, SBS is using the book for a three-part series. The working title at the moment is the same as the book’s. It will be picking up quite a bit of what is in the book, using it as a base, but also incorporating other components and analysis. I’m also doing a podcast series with the Victorian Women's Trust that’s looking more deeply into the roots of violence and the grey areas of the whole topic of domestic abuse and also intimacy itself.
How do you utilise a press release to the best of its ability?

When I was a producer at ABC Radio, not all but some press releases were gold. It was all about looking for the seeds that could lead to something bigger. If there's something in a press release that could lead to a bigger story, using it as a stepping stone rather than just a destination.
What are some memorable experiences from when you were a Middle East Correspondent with the ABC?

I can remember driving in what was probably 50-degree heat to Gaddafi’s bombed-out compound and finding all these signs of life in little artefacts, such as cards and games that had been strewn everywhere.
Visiting Yemen, which was at the time an outrageously beautiful country where the city was like a storybook.
Going to a place just outside the border of Syria and Turkey. The people surrounding me had just come out of a civil war and there was an enormous sense of paranoia and fear. It was a situation where I didn't know fully what could happen. I didn't know the territory well and the energy felt incredibly combustible.

Upcoming Media Events

64th Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism
Thursday 28th November, Sydney
Held for the first time in Sydney since 2014, the Awards will recognise journalists and media personalities for their outstanding work in the industry.

2019 NEMBC Conference (right)
Friday 29th to Saturday 30th November, Brisbane
This event will bring together a diverse range of young community broadcasters and organisations, with the yearly NEMBC Media Awards to be announced at a gala dinner.

Global Day for Climate Justice
Friday 29th November, Sydney
This day invites people to join the Sydney rally in demanding action on climate change and the global battle for immediate climate justice.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (left)
Friday 29th November, International
Established in 1977, this day commemorates the day in 1947 when the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution, effectively dividing Palestine into an Arab State and a Jewish State. 





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