C.E.W. Bean symposium in Canberra

On Thursday, 30 August, the C.E.W. Bean Foundation will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the legendary war correspondent’s death with a symposium on 'The Real Charles Bean' at Old Parliament House, Canberra.

Four stellar speakers and a panel of experts will discuss the role of Bean as a war correspondent and historian and examine his contemporary legacy.

Amongst them will be journalist Chris Masters, biographer Peter Burness, Maj-Gen Greg Mellick AO SC, the Hon Dr Brendan Nelson AO and broadcaster Karen Middleton, who will address the emergence of female war correspondents.

The event will be held in the Members Dining Room at Old Parliament House, Canberra, from 12 noon until 2.00pm and will be moderated by Foundation Chair Rodney Cavalier AO.

The full panel will consist of:

Peter Rees, author of Bearing Witness: the remarkable life of Charles Bean, Australia's greatest war correspondent;

Jennifer Horsfield, historian and author, chair of the Minders of Tuggeranong Homestead; 

Karen Middleton, journalist and broadcaster, on the emergence of female war correspondents.

The symposium is a free event. For more information contact Bean Foundation secretary Warwick Costin at costinw47@live.com.au or 0413 080 788.


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