Father Bob announces new award for 2020 Quills

Melbourne Press Club is excited to announce a new once-off award in conjunction with the Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

The Father Bob Maguire Cobberwealth Award was announced at the 25th Quill Awards Dinner on 6 March by Father Bob, who said he hopes it will help to “cure the virus of community collapse disorder”.

“Tonight I'm standing here to share my passion … to reverse social exclusion and search to discover the vaccine to cure the virus, ” he said.

“I believe the essential ingredients of the vaccine are care, communication, concern, common sense and compassion. These five C's are what makes a community, rather than a society.

“So I invite all journalists here today to share this search for a winner worthy of this Quill award, and also thank you to [the] Melbourne Press Club for the opportunity of celebrating this award for social inclusion.”

The winner will receive a return ticket to San Francisco to visit with The Glide Foundation, which works to create an inclusive community, alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty and marginalisation.


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