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The Social and Emotional Toll of a Pandemic

With Professor Patrick McGorry and State Coroner John Cain

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2019 Quill Awards Finalists

See the full list of 2019 Quill award finalists

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2018 Quill Awards Finalists

See the full list of 2018 Quill award finalists

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AAP Medianet - 25 May 2017

ABC Current Affairs head Bruce Belsham retiring, 3AW's Ross Stevenson moving his lifestyle show to Seven and Richo to return to Sky's Wednesday prime time.

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Media Hall of Fame cartooning exhibition opens

'The Premier and the Pen' launched with a powerful political message from John Cain.  

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Chapter 4. A Woman President

Freda Irving was the club's first woman president. We had no idea of her age, but when she took over in 1978 we discovered she was 75. She had started at The Herald under the patronage of Keith Murdoch in 1926.

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Chapter 6. Lazarus rises

The year was 1995 and Jim Clarke was worried. The club could not go on the way it was. Everything had been tried — subsidised lunches, tearful appeals on notice boards, wild Christmas parties. However, he did have an idea. Why not get someone in charge who had real clout, someone with a high profile, someone who could steer real resources their way.

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1-7 out of 7 results.

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