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‘Babes’ bite back: there’s no glamour in TV news

In a recent article, retired scribe Geoffrey Barker lambasted perky, blonde reporters for dumbing down television journalism. Not surprisingly, the ‘news babes’ in his sights were unimpressed, not to mention insulted and angry.

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Redundancies herald a new age

Like so many in Melbourne’s media, Seven News reporter Kate Osborn was shocked when people she’d admired and worked alongside began snapping up redundancies. The loss of experience was impossible to fathom. So, a few months on, how has the industry fared? And what hope remains for the future and those of us left?

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Shedding light on the dark side

There are times in most journalists’ careers when they glance over the fence at the greener grass of public relations and wonder what it would be like to jump. Former Seven News reporter Alicia Hall switched teams eighteen months ago, and offers valuable perspective.

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