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AAP Medianet - 25 May 2017

ABC Current Affairs head Bruce Belsham retiring, 3AW's Ross Stevenson moving his lifestyle show to Seven and Richo to return to Sky's Wednesday prime time.

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AAP Medianet - 18 May 2017

Remembering Mark Colvin, media spotlight on Rolling Stone Australia editor Rod Yates and the Million Paws walk.

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AAP Medianet - 11 May 2017

New Yahoo7 Head of Brand, Australian Museum expedition to save a stick insect and Isaiah Firebrace heads to Eurovision

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Mark Colvin dies aged 65

Respected ABC journalist, PM presenter and former foreign correspondent Mark Colvin has died after struggling with a rare auto-immune disease for over 20 years.

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Life after redundancy

The latest round of Fairfax redundancies come as a huge blow to the industry. The New Beats research project looks at what's likely to come next for the staff who'll be leaving.   

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AAP Medianet - 4 May 2017

Your weekly bite of industry news: Deborah Harry slot on Smoothfm, superannuation sector mag launched & Pink Lady AFL match

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MPC expresses support for striking Fairfax journalists

The Press Club declares sympathy for journalists at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald who have called a week-long strike in the face of staff cuts.

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MEAA releases 2017 Press Freedom Report

'The Chilling Effect' details numerous challenges, some old, some new, to the free operation of media in contemporary Australia

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Press Council condemns Australian press freedom erosions

The Australian Press Council is calling on media to stand firm against the alarming erosion of access to information, privacy and protection of sources.

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