2018 Quills: Innovation in Journalism

Calla Wahlquist, Lorena Allam, Jack Banister & Nick Evershed won the 2018 Innovation Quill for 'Deaths Inside', published by Guardian Australia.

Judges' citation

Guardian Australia’s “Deaths Inside” investigation – which tracked every Indigenous death in custody over the past 10 years - revealed serious systemic failings in Australia's justice system, and prompted widespread calls for action. This was an outstanding use of data, based on comprehensive research on a topic not easily accessible for public scrutiny. The package gracefully tackled dense data through innovative design, without ever losing sight of the strong personal narratives at its heart. It is an invaluable and enduring resource for communities, journalists and researchers.

The winning entry

'Deaths inside: Indigenous Australian Deaths in Custody', Guardian Australia, 31 August 2018

'"National shame": 147 Indigenous people die in custody in Australia in a decade', Guardian Australia, 28 August 2018

'States failing to take up lifesaving phone service for Indigenous prisoners', Guardian Australia, 29 August 2018

Other finalists

Richard Baker, Rachael Dexter, Greg Muller & Tim Young of The Age for 'Wrong Skin'

Tom Whitty, Waleed Aly & Kate Goulopoulos of Network Ten's The Project for 'Speak, Even if Your Voice Shakes'

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