MELBOURNE PRESS CLUB membership is open to everyone with an interest in the media. Members receive significant discounts on the cost of our regular lunches, as well as the annual Quills Awards dinner.

The Club runs other social and professional events and occasionally offers special discounts on goods and services through arrangements with sponsors or related activities. MPC members pay no fee for their first entry in the Quill Awards each year.

Annual membership is currently $85 for journalists, $110 for associate members and $40 for students.

Journalist memberships are open to reporters, editors, photographers and camera crews, artists and designers and editorial production staff employed by recognised news outlets, and freelancers who derive the majority of their income from journalistic work. Journalist memberships are also available to retired journalists not engaged in other regular employment.

The Club board approves all membership purchases, and retains the right to determine the appropriate membership category in each case. 

You will be prompted to fill out a contact details form and set a password. Once your login has been established, please click the 'Extend Membership' button to pay for and enact your 365 day membership.

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Membership is $85 for journalists, $110 for associate members and $40 for students.

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