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2018 Quills: News Report in Writing

Andrea Hamblin of the Herald Sun won the 2018 News Report in Writing Quill for 'Victim-Blaming Magistrate in Dock'.

Judges' citation

This shocking story of a magistrate's callous treatment of a victim of crime bore all the hallmarks of excellent journalism - initiative, originality, working closely with a source and - in the #MeToo era - relevance. It prompted a Judicial Commission inquiry in to the magistrate's behaviour.  

The winning entry

'Magistrate suggests woman who claims she was raped suffered "buyer’s remorse"', Herald Sun, 28 November 2018

'Pressure mounts on magistrate Richard Pithouse to resign after rape comments', Herald Sun, 29 November 2018

'Attorney-General Jill Hennessy refers magistrate Richard Pithouse for investigation', Herald Sun, 28 December 2018

Highly Commended

Farrah Tomazin of The Age for 'The Enduring Impact of Australia’s Biggest Education Rort'

Other finalists

Anthony Dowsley of the Herald Sun for coverage of 'The Roberts Conviction'

Tammy Mills of The Age for coverage of the 'Police Breath Test Scandal'

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