2021 Quills: TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year)

Oli Bourguignon of 7NEWS Melbourne has won the 2021 Quill for TV Camera Work (Shot of the Year).

Judges' citation

Oli Bourguignon's compelling live to air footage for 7NEWS demonstrates powerful storytelling in a hostile environment. The exclusive vision of protesters pelting objects at the CFMEUs Headquarters and the police riot squad moving in on violent protesters captured the essence of this breaking news story. The ability to broadcast live vision during rolling coverage whilst looking through a camera lens required quick thinking, constant risk assessment, and technical know-how. The live shots were taken in a variety of difficult environments and conditions including rain, changing lighting and locations, whilst maintaining situational awareness with police, protesters and live on air commitments. The vision and story featured in 7NEWS bulletins nationally that night, appearing online and in news updates nationwide. The vision continues to be used with stories associated with the protests across the network.

The winning entry

Oli Bourguignon, 7NEWS, 'Wild Scenes: Union Protest'

Highly commended

Jason Edwards, Herald Sun, 'Anti-Lockdown Protests'

Other finalists

Glenn Edwards, Today Show, 'Melbourne Protests'

Hamish Russell, 10 News First, 'Gippsland Flood Rescue'


Please note: the above link/s may not comprise the entirety of an entry submitted for consideration.

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